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Spell checking in Jupyter notebooks


The original post (see below) is terribly out of date now with broken links and deprecated procedures. To install spell checker for Jupyter, go to this link and follow the procedure.
Alternatively, you can install the Calico extensions that are now maintained here. Open a terminal window and write:

git clone
cd notebook-extensions
jupyter nbextension install calysto --user
jupyter nbextension enable calysto/spell-check/main


This afternoon I found a nice spellchecker for Jupyter markdown cells BROKEN LINK. Here's the step by step procedure for the installation of the spellchecker and two other usefull tools:

  • Open a terminal window and type
sudo ipython install-nbextension
sudo ipython install-nbextension
sudo ipython install-nbextension
  • Go to ~/.ipython/profile_default/static/custom, and add the following line to the end of custom.js.
IPython.load_extensions('calico-spell-check', 'calico-document-tools', 'calico-cell-tools');
  • Start a new ipython notebook. If everything goes well, you should see the following addition to the toolbar:

ipython spellcheck toolbar

Update (thanks to Henry Schreiner)

In Jupyter, instead of adding the load_extension line, you can run the following code in a notebook cell:


Update II (thanks to Noam Elfanbaum)

Run the following in a terminal:

jupyter nbextension enable calico-spell-check


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